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From indoor to outdoor and the toughest use

Electrical equipment for indoor operation

By default, the electronics of the crane system are arranged on a maintenance platform. The frequency converter is installed in protection class IP 54 next to the control cabinet. The advantage of this arrangement is that ambient temperatures up to approx. 55°C do not cause any problems. This maximizes the service life of the drive. Ventilation and cooling of the control cabinets is not necessary due to this design and the corresponding maintenance effort for changing filter mats or servicing the air conditioning system is eliminated.

Electrical equipment for outdoor use

For outdoor operation, the arrangement of the electrical components is basically the same as in indoor operation, but the entire electrical area is additionally protected against direct rain and solar radiation. All drive components (travel gear and hoist drive, electrical switchgear and control cabinets) are also covered to withstand extreme external weather conditions and to ensure trouble-free operation for years to come.

Electrical equipment for the most adverse environmental conditions

For extremely adverse environmental conditions, such as dust, radiation, ambient temperature – or a combination thereof – the entire crane electrics are built in a “special container”. This is practically airtight against the environment and accessible for maintenance purposes. The air conditioning is also carried out using robust, external air conditioning units – made by Weißhaar or similar – as a split air conditioning unit. The refrigerant is fed into the interior of the container via two lines, where the actual air conditioning unit is located. The compressor is outside. Of course, overpressure is also possible and useful here to prevent the ingress of dirt and dust.

High temperature electrical equipment

For foundry operations or hot work operations, the frequency converters are installed in the control cabinet and air-conditioned with an external air-conditioning system – make Weißhaar or equivalent. The connection to the control cabinet is made via cooling air ducts. To avoid contamination in the switch cabinet, an overpressure setting is optionally provided, via which the switch cabinet is always exposed to a certain overpressure and thus the ingress of dirt is prevented.

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