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Our „Voith“ vacuum technology offers proven innovation for the material transport of non-magnetic conveyed goods. Our vacuum technology is used wherever smooth, airtight material needs to be transported quickly and safely, e.g. materials such as metal, glass, stone, plastic or wood. Sufficient suction cups and plates allow for optimal material deflection. With our crane and vacuum technology from a single source, our customers enjoy a unit that is optimally coordinated in terms of design and control technology.

Whether vertical storage of stainless steel sheets or horizontal transport – our vacuum technology offers the highest quality and user-friendliness. The groups of plates are rotated by hand or by bumping against a tilting edge and are kept stable in the two working positions by the respective position of the center of gravity in connection with end stops. The vacuum hanger can be completely uncoupled from the stacker crane in order to carry out normal stacker crane manipulations with the fork hanger, similar to a forklift truck. Even thin panels can be transported without any problems, since a large number of suction cups can be adjusted for their high deflection.

The safety requirements are the focus of our vacuum technology. The volume of the expansion tank serves as an iron reserve in the event of a power failure. With VOITH vacuum controls, the level of the operating vacuum is constantly monitored and a safety lock is activated if the vacuum value is too low. The suction function on the vacuum pads and the lifting movement of the winch are blocked at the same time. The vacuum value can be read on an instrument on the hanger; when the operating vacuum is reached, an indicator light also lights up.

Technical specifications

  • Type : single girder angle construction, double girder construction,
    Portal and semi-portal construction, console construction
  • Hanger types : suction cups, suction plates, SBX plates (surface grippers), special vacuum hangers
  • Load capacity : Up to 10t possible, possibly more
  • Gauge : Up to 55m
  • Crane travel speed : Possible from 1 – 140 m/min


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