stacking crane

Various stacking options

Our stacking crane serves as a universal means of transport for storage and production. As a multi-talent, it combines the advantages of a conventional crane with the possible uses of a forklift.

The stacking crane, which can also be used as a „normal crane“, is characterized by quiet load transport and a clear overview of the load and transport route. The start and destination of the internal load transport can be reached quickly and precisely with the radio remote control or cabin control.

The stacking crane does not require any travel routes and is characterized by the variety of possible uses. Even the use of the cabin can be implemented flexibly – either behind the hanger or to the side next to the hanger, in order to be able to drive into narrow aisles, similar to a forklift, or to be able to serve the narrowest possible rows of shelves.

A type examination of the system, which the Voith cabin stacking crane has obtained, is necessary especially for the transport of people with the stacking crane. For safety, special precautions such as double winch, speed limiter, etc. are set up to protect the staff optimally.

In addition, numerous additional equipment can be added to the stacking crane, such as radio control, weighing device, frequency converter drives, position control, aisle locking, etc. In this way we can design a customized stacking crane system for every application, as we have already done in over 150 applications.

Especially in the timber industry with its sometimes long products (lengths up to 20 m) there is a special area of application for the stacking crane. When handling such bulky goods, the conventionally used forklifts (front or side forklifts) reach their limits. Especially when it comes to turning or loading, the use of our stacking cranes is of great advantage. Load capacities of up to 13t and movement of the hanger in all directions enable flexible working.

Special hangers with rotating forks represent a special case. With this solution, an extremely high storage density is possible. Driving into the storage area takes place with forks rotated under the hanger. If you are at the right place of the load, the forks are unscrewed and the load is lifted. This makes it possible to work with aisle widths of only approx. 800 mm.

Technical specifications

  • Type : single girder angle construction, double girder construction,
    Portal and semi-portal construction, console construction
  • Hanger types : fork hangers, gripper hangers, vacuum hangers, special hangers
  • Load capacity : Up to 13t – depending on hanger type
  • Gauge : Up to 55m
  • Crane travel speed : Possible from 1 – 140 m/min


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