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Our solid and robust winch is designed for a long service life and flexible use. The varied modular system with the separate and freely accessible arrangement of the individual systems guarantees minimal maintenance. The cable drum is mounted on one side directly in the planetary gear and on the other side with a sufficiently dimensioned roller bearing. The two end shields are connected via longitudinal profiles. The entire drive train is flanged directly one behind the other and is therefore optimally centered. The mechanical braking takes place via an electromagnetically released spring-loaded brake.

The planetary gear is characterized by its small size and high running quality. For reasons of flexibility, the planetary gears are assembled in our factory (modular stock system). Any translation can therefore be provided quickly and at short notice. Another advantage is that the components are always available as spare parts.

With higher drive power and torque, the cable drum is driven on both sides by a gearbox with a motor. A more detailed description of the components used:

Squirrel-cage motor, specially designed for frequency converters, infinitely variable.
Output control up to approx. 2.7 times the speed at partial loads (=Vario-Speed-System).
Engine power from 3-90 kW, hoist power up to 200 kW

Highly flexible claw coupling, dampens vibrations and shocks to protect the drive.

An electromagnetic spring-loaded brake, almost maintenance-free, guarantees safe braking in the event of a power failure. For manual release, it can be equipped with an additional hand release. A special dust protection version is available for harsh, dusty ambient conditions. As an option, drum shoe brakes or disc brakes with brake calipers can also be used.

Multi-stage, robust planetary gear, assembled from the modular stock system. Test run before delivery for oil tightness and noise, carried out as standard. Depending on the necessary installation situation or approach dimension situation, the gearbox can be used in a straight or angled design.

cable drum:
Diameter from 200 mm to approx. 1100 mm for rope diameters from 9-40 mm. Depending on requirements, drum lengths of up to 9 m are also possible. Number of rope descents depending on use and load stabilization situation.

limit switch:
Robust gear limit switch with 4 switching contacts for safe delimitation of the highest and lowest stroke position or for detecting other switching points such as locking or special operating switching points.

Rotary encoder for automatic speed and direction of rotation monitoring of the hoist drive in connection with the Voith crane control.

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