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Even after decades of hard operation, simple and quick maintenance can be carried out thanks to the cone clamping principle. The advantage over another system is that it is impossible to knock out feather key connections or rust in the splined connection. The impeller is removed through the wheel housing, which is open at the top. The crane bridge only has to be mechanically raised in the area of the wheel housing or end carriage in order to carry out this work. The finished bores in connection with the fixed, mechanical connection to the head carrier guarantee that no readjustment or measurement is necessary after changing the impeller, since the installation position is fixed again in the same way. Our wheel bearings are equipped with lifetime lubrication as standard. Relubrication is possible as an option. The impellers are made of gray cast iron with nodular graphite (EN-GJS-600 or 700) as standard, which is also characterized by good self-lubrication and damping properties. For highly stressed crane systems, the running wheels can also be hardened in 42CrM04.

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