patented Voith stay cable load stabilization 6/6

Our Patented innovation for load stabilization

The mechanical stay cable load stabilization ensures absolute load stabilization in the trolley and crane travel direction using a simple stay cable winch. The solution impresses with its technical simplicity and absolute effectiveness. A total of 6 ropes are wound onto a drum, which are then attached to two points on the truss. This ensures that the traverse neither swings in the direction of travel of the crane nor in the direction of travel of the trolley. Torsional vibrations of the traverse are also no longer possible. In addition, this ensures an extremely long service life for the cable and the lifting beam always follows the travel commands of the crane directly. This speeds up material handling and at the same time minimizes the risk of accidents and material damage during loading activities. Especially for steel trading companies with magnetic crane systems, such a stay cable load stabilization in both directions, combined with frequency converter drives, weighing system and radio control is a decisive factor for an economical storage solution.

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