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Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are of importance to us and in order to be able to guarantee this, a skilled service team is at their side right from the beginning. They can depend on our many years of experience and our technical know-how.
Our own, highly trained engineers guarantee accuracy when maintaining your crane and, thanks to flexible scheduling, enable fast implementation of any required repair.
We do not just offer servicing for Voith cranes, but also for those of other manufacturers.
Staff training

During commissioning, the operating staff receive targeted training in order to guarantee efficient use of the crane. Even where additional training is required, our service team are glad to assist. Extensive operating and maintenance documents are handed over on delivery of each unit.
Annual inspection
On request, we will undertake the statutory crane inspection in Austria in accordance with AMVO P. 8 Sec. 1 or in Germany in accordance with UVV-VBG 9 P. 26. At the same time we will undertake a visual and functional inspection in order to be able to identify advance signs of wear so as to avoid not only consequential damage but also the device being stood still. Furthermore, adjustments and small repairs are undertaken on the spot.
We are there for you in the event of an emergency

Where technical problems arise during operation, then our qualified technicians can be reached at any time by phone, both for electrical and mechanical questions. They will endeavour to accurately identify the problem. Where it is not possible for customers to rectify the fault themselves, then we have the highest trained assembly team whose vehicle is equipped with the required basic replacement parts. Well structured scheduling guarantees flexible agreement on deadlines.
Replacement parts

All crane parts – drive technology such as wheel bearings, gears, brakes, frequency converters, electrical control units etc. – are standard parts of our modular construction system and therefore held in stock. Over 99% are fitted with these parts that are immediately available on request.
We are gladly available for modernising and upgrading. We upgrade units (including those manufactured by other companies) to the latest state and adjust them to new requirements. Please contact our sales team with regard to this.