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  • 110t teeming crane
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The crane’s task is to handle 110t ladles and undertake all work required in the foundry process.
The 110t capacity main hoist is designed for this purpose. This is suited for foundries and is designed according to category 3. A 25t auxiliary hoist is installed next to the main hoist that guarantees the ladle is tilted as required in the casting process.
On the trolley overhanging the main girder there is an additional 10t hoist installed that has favourable approach dimensions to the front wall of the hall.
A particular feature of this crane is the consideration for the immense heat generated by the use of protective plates underneath the crane bridge main girder, the enclosed trolley, air-conditioning for the ambient temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, special dust protection measures for all crane equipment and including redundancies in the drives for the high ambient temperatures.
The Voith winch design with the rope drum driven from both sides is ideally suited for use in the foundry as the standard-related precautions for the transport of molten materials and the associated mechanical redundancy can be followed.
Design: Double girder crane bridge
Capacity: 110 t
Crane group: H2 E5
Wheel track: 19.995 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0 - 3,8 m/min; part load 0 - 10,5 m/min
Trolley speed: 0 - 40 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 80 m/min
Number of trolleys: 2
Specialist functions: Pulley block with cruicible transport hanger and laminated hooks
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