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  • Voith teeming crane at work
  • Transporting a full crucible with the 4 rope drives clearly visible for safe transport
  • Carrying a crucible
  • Crane operator’s seat with ‘Voith Crane 2010’ display
  • Extreme working conditions
  • Two auxiliary winches next to the main winch
  • Current supply to the trolley via huge metallic energy chains
  • Laminated hooks for lifting the crucible
  • Inside the electrics container with redundant frequency converter and air-conditioning unit
  • Electrics container from the outside
Swiss Steel
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The crane manages the ladle of an electric steel plant on its own. As the crane was identified to operate on its own, a great deal of emphasis was placed on availability right from the planning stage.
Alongside the crane bridges and hoist drives being grouped together, additional redundancy was also built into the components. A frequency converter and air-conditioning as built in redundancy complete the ‘availability package’.
Evaluation of the operational availability, way above 99.5%, shows that the efforts were not in vain and the operator is extremely satisfied.
Design: Double girder bridge traveling crane
Capacity: 150 / 75 / 10 / 6,3 t
Crane group: H4 B6
Wheel track: 15.960 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0,3 - 5,6 m/min; part load 0,3 - 11,5 m/min
Trolley speed: 1 - 24 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 2,5 - 63 m/min
Number of trolleys: 1
Specialist functions: Several hoists
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