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  • Racking operating device with filling station
  • Picking up to 40 items per hour on the device
  • Picked items being placed on the chain conveyor
  • Fully automated system by means of integrated warehouse management system with interface to the commercial software
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Voith man-to-goods system based racking is valuable in assisting steel traders in picking steel rods.
Thanks to the accompanying pickers, up to 40 items of material can be picked per hour. The picked material is there and then taken from the box and laid on five positions on the racking vehicle.
After the 5th order has been picked it is placed on the chain conveyor at the front. By means of this complete system it is possible to operate both man-to-goods and goods-to-man systems. To the front at both sides of the unit, one or more filling stations are provided that can be used to feed and operate a sawing station. With the Voith racking operation system you have a simple system that at the same time includes a removal crane.
In addition, only the indoor crane is necessary for handling stock bundles and loading. Voith racking represents a very flexible and extremely cost-efficient alternative to the usual fully automated systems.
Design: Racking vehicle
Capacity: 6 t
Wheel track: 7.700 mm
Lift speed: 0 - 15 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 60 m/min
Specialist functions: Semi-automatic racking operating device from 6m round bars with integrated removal crane
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