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  • Voith double girder outdoor crane at the scrapyard
  • Cabin that travels along with the trolley giving the possibility of an optimum panoramic view
  • Rope being fed through guide pulleys allowing diagonal pull
  • In the same way the current supply to the hook hangers is run round the rollers for maximum possibility of diagonal pull
  • This diagonal pull is permitted
  • Huge construction with covering for outdoor operation
  • There is, of course, articulation in all directions at both fixed points
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The task of the Voith outdoor crane is to manage the scrap yard.
In order to prevent disruptive items hanging around, 2 winches are provided on the trolley. One for operating the grab, the second for operating the magnet or other operations. The particular feature of this project is the intended possibility of diagonal pull of a hoist in both directions, for which special precautions must also be taken.
Therefore no direct rope run-offs are planned from the rope drum and instead the ropes are fed via articulated embedded guide pulleys so that diagonal pull is possible in all directions without the rope becoming damaged. The package tailored to this application is completed by a cabin that travels along with the trolley.
Design: Double girder crane bridge
Capacity: 10 t / 25 t / 10 t
Crane group: H3 E5
Wheel track: 29.993 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0 - 16,7 m/min; part load 0 - 34 m/min
Trolley speed: 0 - 63 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 100 m/min
Number of trolleys: 1
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