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  • Simultaneous handling of 4 crossbars
  • Total synchronisation of both hoists
  • Air-conditioned cabin for the crane operator
  • Electro-mechanically rotatable magnet with crossbar bolts
  • Lifting the crossbar
  • Individual profiles picked up lengthways to the magnet
  • Round bars up to 12m long are handled by 2 trolleys
  • Shorter bars are handled by one trolley
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The task for this crane was to pick up hollow profiles or rolled steel constructions with different lengths of up to 12m as well as to handle crossbars. The particular feature is that rolled steel constructions are loaded on either 2 or 4 crossbars and these must also be picked up by the crane.
For this purpose, the pick-up bolts are attached directly to the magnet. The electromagnetic rotation equipment of the magnet allows the crossbar to be picked up by turning the magnet sideways. The magnet itself, like the crossbeam, is of a narrow design to allow the individual profiles to be easily picked up in the warehouse.
This crane is controlled from a cabin as well, as the crane operator is constantly engaged with either unloading profiles from the HGV or feeding the saws, and the travel path on the ground is so long that a high travel speed of 120m/min is practical.
Of course, both magnet crossbeams are stabilised by Voith inclined rope stabilisation in order to be able to offer the best possible performance.
Design: Angle crane
Capacity: 2 x 10 t
Crane group: H3 B4
Wheel track: 21.495 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0 - 8,3 m/min; part load 0 - 20,8 m/min
Trolley speed: 0 - 32 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 120 m/min
Number of trolleys: 1
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