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  • Gantry crane with vacuum hanger for carrying segments
  • Patented inclined rope stabilisation for fast handling
  • 11.5m bracket
  • Lifting from the segment transport car
  • Loading onto the tunnel train
  • Large amounts of segments in stock
  • 3-4 layers on top of each of other
  • Voith transport cars automatically transporting the segments
  • Voith inclined rope stabilisation for oscillation-free transport
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The task of two identical gantry cranes is to place concrete segments required for tunnel construction into the outdoor interim storage area.
Around 60,000 segments are produced in advance as the tunnel construction site has significantly greater purchase quantities in the event of optimum progress being made. The segments are picked up using a vacuum hanger. They are moved horizontally by a transport car, picked up by the vacuum hanger and swung through 90 degrees. In this position up to four segments are stored on top of each other. The hanger is stabilised by means of Voith patented inclined rope stabilisation in order to allow a procedure that is a fast as possible.
The cabin that travels along with the trolley allows the best possible control of the crane’s round-the-clock operation. Due to the large wheel track, the main girder is divided, being in total over 70m long.
Design: Gantry crane
Capacity: 20 t
Crane group: H1 E3
Wheel track: 45.000 mm + Kragarm 11.500 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0 - 8,3 m/min; part load 0 - 20,8 m/min
Trolley speed: 0 - 90 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 63 m/min
Number of trolleys: 1
Specialist functions: Vacuum hanger with vacuum lift that can be tilted through 90 degrees
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