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  • Voith loading stacking crane
  • Loading a HGV in manual mode
  • Securing the load with protective forks
  • Continuous rotation allows the bundles to be positioned correctly
  • Taking a bundle from the roller table in fully automatic mode
Schneider GmbH
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The crane’s task was to assist with loading the timber bundles. The crane was operated in semi-automatic mode, this means that the timber bundles arrive lengthways on two roller tables in the loading area. The crane automatically collects the timber bundle, raises it to the first lift level, attaches the personal protection cable to prevent dropping, the crane travels to the loading bay and turns the whole bundle through 180 degrees whilst travelling if required.
This is necessary if the HGV needs to be loaded from the other side. Then the personal protection forks are opened and loading takes place by radio control and by hand. Loading the timber bundles with the stacking crane is a very streamlined process as movements can be made in any direction and threading the bundles with only a half-open cover is perfectly feasible.
Whilst the crane collects the next bundle, the crane operator arranges the support timber for the next bundle. Of course, such an arrangement must be supported by a control system. With this one the exact loading sequence is set out as well as how the bundles are stowed in the HGV. Using this solution, one crane in two shifts can load 16 HGVs.
Design: Double girder stacking crane
Capacity: 5 t
Crane group: H2 B4
Wheel track: 19.000 mm
Lift speed: Full load 0 - 10,4 m/min; part load 0 - 28,4 m/min
Trolley speed: 0 - 32 m/min
Crane traveling speed: 0 - 90 m/min
Number of trolleys: 1
Specialist functions: A reeved hanger with four rotable forks
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