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The solid and robust Voith winch is designed for a long life and flexible use. The modular system of construction with its many variants and separate and freely accessible individual systems guarantees minimum maintenance expenditure. The rope drum has the bearings arranged on one side directly on the planetary gear and on the other with a roller bearing of sufficient size. Both bearing brackets are connected by a longitudinal bar. The whole drive train is flange-mounted directly behind and therefore optimally centred. As standard, braking is provided by disc brakes. The planetary gear stands out for its small size and high quality. The planetary gear is put together at Voith’s plant for reasons of flexibility (Modular Stock System).
Any gear ratio can be put together quickly in a short amount of time. A further advantage is the availability at any time of components as replacement parts. With high driving power and torque, the rope drum is driven on both sides by a motorised gear.
Exact descriptions of the components used:
Short-circuit rotor motor, specially adapted for frequency converters, continuously adjustable.
Power control up to approx. 2.7 times speed with part loads (= Vario Speed System).
Motor output of 3 – 90 kW, hoist output up to 200kW
Highly flexible jaw clutch, dampened vibrations and impact to protect the drive.
Electromagnetic spring-loaded brakes, almost maintenance-free, guarantee safe braking in the event of a power outage. Can be fitted with additional equipment for manual release. Special dust protection equipment is possible for harsh, dusty environments. Bubenzer shoe brakes or disc brakes can be fitted as optional.
Multi-stage, robust planetary gears, put together from the modular stock system. Tested as standard before delivery for noise and oil leaks. Depending on the installation requirements or approach dimensions, the gears can be installed in a straight or angled design.
Rope drum:
Diameter of 200mm to approx. 1,100mm for a rope diameter of 9-40mm. Drum length of up to 9m also possible according to requirements. Number of rope hangers according to use and load stabilisation conditions.
Limit switch:
Robust gear limit switches with 4 switch contacts to securely limit the highest and lowest hoist settings and identifying further switch points such as locking devices or particular operational switch points.
Angular momentum transmitter:
Momentum pulse transmitter to automatically monitor the rate and direction of rotation of the hoist drive in conjunction with the Voith Crane 2010 control system.
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