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Voith operates an extensive replacement parts store. This is not based on an increased susceptibility to failure of Voith products but rather on the clear strategy and consideration of being able to immediately provide assistance to Voith customers when a module needs to be replaced.
The basis for this is a replacement parts store where the necessary parts can be obtained within 24 hours on workdays. Due to the modular design of the cranes the same parts will always be fitted.
The modules do not always appear to be ‘the most elegant’ solution, however they have always stood the test in the event of a short-term defect. For us, the modules are a significant essential part and above all we are proud that we always have all the necessary replacement parts available and in stock for almost all of the cranes we have sold – and we can also guarantee that this significant advantage will not change in the long-term.
In particular, this applies to running wheels, gears, motors, brakes, frequency converters, fuses, SPS components, cables, ropes, rope pulleys and much more.
Due to the consistent application of modular construction technology, Voith are also able to provide suitable replacement parts with the corresponding adapters or adjustment parameters for 20-year old cranes or older in order to be able to provide fast assistance to these customers.
This special service is deeply rooted in our philosophy and is one of our key competences.
We do not rely on our subcontractors storing these parts, rather we have them in-house. This decisive advantage is unique in Europe and we shall endeavour to constantly improve in this area as it is becoming more and more important for our customers.