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2010 CRANE
In 2009 Voith developed its standard S7 crane software that is able to control up to 9 drives on the crane. The crane software is only set and adjusted during commissioning by adjusting the parameters. In this way, crane functionality is ensured by simultaneous ‘update capability’. This solution also significantly simplifies servicing as the crane’s functionality always remains the same. The crane control system is fitted with an operating panel as standard on which the parameters can be viewed and, if applicable, adjusted (password protected). Of course, all fault states and fault histories are displayed on this panel.
Remote maintenance is possible as standard and only requires a network connection (W-LAN or similar).
Interfaces to peripheral systems (frequency converter, radio etc.) have been designed intentionally without bus systems and instead are via analogue or digital signals.
This ‘conservative’ design also makes subsequent maintainability after years of use significantly easier if the peripheral components are only present in one version than if the bus connection has to be updated.
As ever, Voith pays the greatest possible attention to robustness and serviceability of the solution.
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