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2009 - 2011
2012 - today
2009 - 2011
2007 - 2008
2009/2010/2011 The fact that Voith is an innovative company constantly striving for new developments is demonstrated by a transformation that has been gradually taking place since 2009: The IT system was converted entirely to an ERP system, starting with accounts in 2010. The whole system was gradually converted so that in the meantime all business processes are being run and optimised via the new ERP system.
Previously the magnet unit was an individual component of the crane and was controlled by a separate SPS. This control unit was integrated via digital signals into the crane control system. The magnet unit continues to be an individual unit in its own switch cabinet connected to the crane control cabinets. In this way, relatively simple retrofitting is possible with existing cranes.
After introduction of the new crane control system by means of SPS, the functions of the existing and multiple deployed magnet units were included in the new crane software. In order to transfer the required inputs and outputs to the crane control system, a decentralised SPS input and output group was built into the magnet cabinet that is connected to the crane control system via a profibus.
Our experience gained over many years dealing with magnet units allowed us to make a number of improvements by integrating the magnet unit into the crane control system. One of the greatest changes to the existing system is the fact that the crane’s control panel is now used for all input and parameter work. All magnet unit fault messages are displayed in clear text on this panel.
The time for powering the magnet up and down can also be greatly reduced. A further decisive change is the temperature compensation of the magnets. Therefore the lifting power of the partial load stages 1-6 is always the same. The lifting power for partial load stage 7 stays the same while the magnet heats up until it reaches partial load stage 8. At partial load stage 8, the lifting power decreases as the heating of the magnet increases.
2011 EPLAN version 5.70 is adapted for exchanging data with the new ERP system. A data interface is also established between CAD and ERP.