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2007 - 2008
2009 - 2011
2007 - 2008
2001 - 2006
2006/2007 In 2007 a Sato plasma cutter and a flame cutter (both manufactured by the company Sato) were acquired. The cutters are used to cut through plate with the plasma cutter coping with 0.5 – 30mm thick sheet and the flame cutter dealing with plate of 30 – 60mm. The machine is equipped with a Voith jib crane. This leads to the completed parts being removed quickly.
Every day the plasma cutter spends 4 – 4.5 hours cutting alone and each year around 80 – 100t of plate is cut. Four Voith employees operate this unit.
For this reason we invested in a new automatic welding machine. From now on, crane bridges and crane rails are welded automatically. The settings for the various welding seams (3 – 7mm) are stored in formulas selected by the operator on a touch screen. Two welding seams of up to 50mm long can be welded at the same time.
2008/2009 In 2008 a 5th station was installed, located in the service department. In 2009 a 6th station was added. In addition, the 3D-CAD workstations were upgraded. In other words, each workstation was equipped with this program.
Programmable crane control based on S7 was then introduced. The ‘new’ crane control system was necessary to comply with current standards.
It is constructed from standard components offering the possibility of standardised remote maintenance. The safety control system includes the control of up to 9 motors. Functionality is defined by parameters entered by means of a touch-screen display.
Faults are displayed in clear text and allow errors to be searched for. As in-house software skills are available, input and suggestions for improvement can be implemented quickly.