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1971 - 1989
1990 - 1998
1971 - 1989
1961 - 1970
1971. The completely unexpected death of the founder of the company. His wife, Mrs Ruth Voith, remains director until her death in 1981, whilst at the same time two long-term employees were entrusted with operational matters regarding the running of the company. Engineers Mr Herbert Lackner and Alois Meingassner were granted extensive powers and Mrs Ruth Voith assumed a controlling role in the company. Thanks to this constructive solution, the continuity of the company into the future was guaranteed.
1984. Structural analysis of the most common types of crane is undertaken by computer.
1987. Introduction of the EPLAN 3.2 CAE system laying the foundation for creating electrical circuit diagrams. A PC using DOS was sufficient for this system. A significant change in the way circuit diagrams were produced, progressing from the drawing board to the PC.
1989 Production moves to the town of Oedt near Traun. Our approximately 120 employees have 10,000m2 of office and production area available to them to work in.