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1961 - 1970
1971 - 1989
1961 - 1970
1946 - 1959
1961. Production starts according to in-house steel construction drawings and a greenhouse programme is commenced. The first of our own cranes is produced around the same time.
1965. Further expansion with the hall being extended to a production area of 1,700m2. The first Voith indoor crane went into operation in the same year. Having become very good at developing their own products, towards the end of the 1960s they stopped taking on contract work and began to produce only their own products.
1969. Not only was the hall extended to 2,700m2, but the office was also expanded to 620m2.
1970. Further expansion and additional building work. In total Voith now has over 3,700m2 of production and office area.