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1946 - 1959
1961 - 1970
1946 - 1959
1946. Engineer A. Fritz Voith founds a metalworking shop in Honauerstrasse, Linz. The premises are leased from the Tobacco Monopoly and initially a staff of five were involved in various types of metalworking.
1953. After the lease expires the premises relocate to St. Martin. Voith now has an area of 600m2 for production as well as 120m2 of offices. As before, metalworking was undertaken following external plans as well as the production of control cabinets and transformer tanks.
1959. A satisfactory situation regarding orders as well as a promising forecast for the future allow the production hall to be raised by 20m allowing a crane to be installed. At the start of the 1960s the existing hall is added to and the warehouse and staff facilities are modernised.