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Austrian Company

Voith is an Austrian company that has been actively producing innovations in the crane construction industry for over 60 years. The production of specialist cranes for all imaginable applications individually suited to different industries is one of the company's strengths. These include heavy load cranes, magnetic cranes and stacking cranes and we even manufacture automatic cranes ourselves. We are already present in almost all industries, in particular foundries, steel production and the steel trade. However, the emerging timber industries also depend on our specifically targeted products.

Developed - Designed - Produced

The cranes are developed, designed, planned and completed entirely by our staff at the Traun plant - both in terms of mechanics and electronics. Of course, our customers are offered a complete service, beginning with identification of the requirements as every crane has different tasks to fulfill, and continuing with the exact calculations for the crane and optimisation of the load-bearing capabilities. The crane's working environment also plays a significant role - above all if, the crane is subject to adverse conditions then these need to be considered during the planning stage.


Specially trained staff ensure professional assembly and are willingly available for any service work that may be required.

National - International

Numerous customers, both national and international, place their trust in our company's capabilities and use a VOITH crane to meet their requirements. Whilst currently expanding into central Europe, we do not shy away from delivering to other continents.